A place that i belong to..

30 Mei 2012

"home is a place where your heart is"

hello fellas, how's life? is everything going well? i wish so.

it's like a year that i didn't post anything here, on my kaleidoscope heart. i'm so sorry, but life made me so busy -____-"

well, just want to share, now i'm on monitoring month to be one of reporter on local newspaper (just wish me luck for every step that i take ya, fellas!). that's really makes me excited, but not to forget where i learn first. still be my priority. 

emm, remember that i'm a melancholics sanguine person, that's always about my heart. on this week my heart is not in the good situation, but it's ok, cause i always know that every cloud have a silver line. am i right?

forget about the heart, tonite i want to share about my home; place where my heart is. this is not about a building that i life in, it's about my family, my everything.

eh ya, fellas. on this 15th and 20nd May, my lovely bapak and mybest brother is their born day! Yeay! i wish them all the best, so do you too right? hehe

back to topic. home is not only a word for me, it means a lot. so do with family. you know, sometimes when i've got a headache or a heartsick, i know i had a best medicine, it's my family. and yes, they are my everything.

lemme know you bout my home, fellas.

that's my daddy and mommy, the pict taken when they have a second honeymoon. umm, i'm kinda envy them -,-

named Sri Munas Nurtiana, she was born on Oct, 19th xx. she is my lovely mommy, a women i want to be. me and my sister is born on the same month with her, isn't it kinda faith? so do with my daddy and my big bro, they born on same month. my mom isn't kinda a narcissism women, look to her pose, cool! hehe 

he's Hasan Tamoe, born on May, 15th xx. known as my super daddy. he is kinda a funny man. you can see on his pose. hehe. my daddy is a man who had a super sense of humor, i think that why my mom in love with him. cause funny man is all woman want to have, isn't it?

on center is my big bro, named Amril Budi Utama, born on May, 20th xx. he's my super complicated man in fashion. umm, don't tell him that i just said that ya. he's gonna " kandato' " me -___-. i didn't have much photo's with him, cause he is too busy to take a pict. he's not an actor, just an ordinary brother.

born on same month and date with my mom, she's my silly sister, named Asri Zul Atsari. had a loud laugh. she's always take care of me, a place to share with. emm, i really love her. sometimes we fight, till not speak about a month, but in the end, we always get back. hehe 

that's my home, my morphine, my best medicine, my everything.

i'm very lucky to born on this lovely family, Alhamdulillah.

"And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, You make me sing.
You're every line,you're every word, you're everything.
You're every song, and I sing along.
'Cause you're my everything."
Michael Buble-Everything

another galau sentences. yes i am...

21 Mei 2012

hello fellas, how's life? i wish you all have a really good day.

honestly, saya sedang ingin curhat. iya curhat. mengeluarkan segala unek-unek yang ada di hati ini kepada kalian yang sudi mampir dan membaca postingan kali ini.

hati saya sedang kacau. ia meracau. saya saja yang memilikinya bingung kenapa bisa hati meracau padahal ia tidak punya mulut. kenapa juga hati bisa kacau padahal tidak ada angin yang bisa tembus kedalamnya lalu memporak-porandakannya. saya bingung.

hati saya sedang sakit. tidak, hati saya tidak sedang demam karena tidak mungkin juga hati saya bisa terkena flu. apalagi terkena tipes, itu sangat tidak mungkin.

hati saya sedang tidak baik-baik saja dan itu sangat berdampak ke dalam setiap gerak tubuh saya. agak berlebihan mungkin, tapi ini memang kenyataannya. saya jadi sering tidak konsentrasi karena hati saya tidak fokus. lucu juga sih kalau dipikir, kok bisa gitu yah saya jadi tidak konsen, padahal untuk fokus kita butuh mata. lalu lanjut lagi saya jadi sering marah-marah tidak jelas. sering tiba-tiba nangis tidak jelas. untungnya saya tidak tiba-tiba kejang-kejang lalu keluar busa dari mulut. bila itu terjadi, jelaslah bukan hati saya yang sedang bermasalah.

oh well, berdasarkan hasil pengamatan abal-abal saya dan beberapa tes yang saya lakukan, saya termasuk dalam golongan melankolis sanguin. jadi saya ini anaknya perasa dan juga humoris. makanya wajar sajalah kalau saya selalu menyangkutkan hati dalam segala urusan.

hati saya sedang patah (lagi). entah untuk kali yang keberapa ini terjadi dan itu hasil dari membaca chat dari dia yang saya sayang.

saya sayang kamu lalu kenapa harus pergi? saya sayang kamu lalu mengapa harus berubah? saya sayang kamu lalu mengapa kamu mau saya membiarkan kamu berusaha meninggalkan sayang itu?

kalimat pada paragraf diatas tersebut pure hasil kata hati saya, lalu jemari saya yang mengetikanya disini.

saya sedang bersedih. benar-benar sedang sedih. hati saya sedang perih, tapi pemanisnya sudah bersiap untuk pergi. lalu saya dan hati saya bisa apa kecuali terus bertahan dengan rasa sayang itu?